Patient Comments



These are unsolicited comments from my patients.


Dr. Bonnie has been my physician for more than  twenty years! I could never entrust my health to anyone else or to anyone whom she doesn’t recommend. She is the most compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, and spiritual woman who just happens to be a doctor.  Thank you Dr. B for listening and always there for not only me but for all of your patients. Your care brings me such PEACE.
Thank you so much! Debbie F.

Love the website Dr. Bonnie!  The philosophy section sums you up perfectly. I particularly like in the fee section how you wrote “My fees are in the range of hair salon fees for cut and color services.” So true! So many women will spend that kind of money on restaurants, bars, shopping, getting their nails done, etc., and not the most important thing– their health! It is important for everyone to be in charge of their own health and life, and not let others (ie insurance companies) dictate who their healthcare providers are. Just my opinion…I miss you over here in Australia, but know you are providing my Mom with wonderful care in Pleasanton.Love Julie J.


Dr. Rathjen is a truly compassionate and amazing physician. She has made a huge difference in my life      and health! Other doctors have misdiagnosed my conditions, but Dr. Rathjen took the time to really listen and she immediately put the puzzle pieces together. I am so grateful for her!  Love, Elizabeth Moore


  1. Chronic anemia compromised my health and vitality for 25 yrs.(age 16 to 41). The long line of doctors,     nutritionist and healers I sought just couldn’t help move my 28HCT blood count to the healthy 36HCT.   Then I met Dr Rathjen. When she first noticed the anemic condition, I assured her everything possible     had been done and it was incurable. But she wasn’t so sure and began a focused inquiry, like a                 detective, down a path no one else had pursued with earnest and diligence. Today, at age 58 my blood     count is a healthy 42.6 HCT! The wild part is while most people lose energy with age – I gained! With a   full tank of blood, my energy is stronger than in my youth! Dr. Rathjen has renewed my health and happiness  in my body.    With deep gratitude to Dr. Bonnie!!!  Jacqui Chandler



Dear Dr. Rathjen, your website highlights both your compassionate care and your technical expertise.    You are modest in not mentioning the recognition you have received from medical records professionals  regarding the thoroughness of your medical histories.Because you take time to listen to your patients it  is not suprising that you have made correct diagnoses that have eluded other physicians. I appreciate you very much! Thank you, Mark D.

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