Office Systems and Fees



4125 Mohr Ave. Suite E2, Pleasanton, CA 94566  (925) 462-3664




OFFICE SYSTEM: I have developed a unique practice model. I work alone in my office without any staff and use technology, such as  electronic medical records and e-fax.  I employ an off-site friendly reception service to answer my phone calls 24/7. They text routine messages to me, or call me on my cell phone with urgent patient calls.

I also have a secure outgoing email, where I can  email test results to each patient in a confidential way.


FEES:   In order to be able to spend large amounts of time with each patient, I do not bill insurance companies.    Currently and for the past 29 years, I have had a fee for service medical practice. I am not a “Preferred Provider” for any insurance plan and I am not a MediCare or Medi-Cal  provider. I am not a member of any HMOs.  I ask for payment at the time of the visit by check and do not bill insurance. Instead, I give you a specialized receipt to send to your insurance company which contains all the necessary codes. Most private insurance companies will reimburse you; you may wish to check with yours.


These systems allow me to spend quality time with each of my patients, instead of dealing with insurance companies.


My fees are in the range of hair salon fees for cut and color services.  Feel free to contact me for specifics.


My practice is compliant with all HIPAA privacy policies, both paper and electronic





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